Short film, 2018

A fantasy-horror tale based on Norse mythology. A re-imagining of the legend of Loki's bondage and release, set in both ancient and modern times.

This film is now screening at festivals.

See our Film Festivals Page for current screening locations and dates.

Short film, 2017

A short prologue film to The Family Way. A teen-aged killer terrorizes a town, unaware that he's being followed by a family who takes a special interest in serial killers.

This film screened at festivals around the world and was released in December 2017.

Short film in post-production

The murder of a family serves an unusual purpose in this horror-comedy story.
This project is currently in post-production and is expected to screen in festivals in Autumn 2019.

Feature-length movie in development

This award-winning screenplay puts unique twist on the "crazy family" horror story.

This production is currently seeking financing.

THE FATHER OF LIES (aka "The Gods of Stories")
Feature-length movie "in talks"

A full-length version of the short film "Father of Lies" that tells the story of the Norse God Loki's fall and rise to bring about the end of all things at Ragnarok.

This production is currently "in talks" and seeking to partner with another company for production.

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