Created for The Global Stuck At Home 48 Hour Film Challenge.  June 2020.

The members of Rogue Chimera Films suspect that someone in their group is leaking their ideas to a rival team!

The challenge required us to create a spy genre film with a light bulb as a prop and a character named "Roger Mulkey".


Walter Combee
Pete Cloutier
Lowrie Fawley
Bob Glazier
Mel Heflin
Virginia Jasper
Dustin Muller
Sandra Nye
Garith Pettibone
Shiva Rodriguez
Darren Wallach
Jules Sciero as "Roger Mulkey"

Produced by Lowrie Fawley
Written and Directed by Shiva Rodriguez

Everyone filmed themselves or each other for this project. Additional camera operators were Megan Combee and Joseph Fawley.

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