The Family Way, written by Shiva Rodriguez & D. Duckie Rodriguez, is an award-winning screenplay that is currently being developed for production by Rogue Chimera Films. The feature film production is currently seeking financing.

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The Family Way is a unique twist on an old horror story, combining powerful themes of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-preservation with a truly unusual cast of characters that will leave audiences rooting for the bad guys.
By all appearances, gas station owner Richard Cultry is a pillar of a small community. He's a family man with a doting wife, a well-educated son, and a heart large enough to adopt a mentally-challenged boy and a socially-awkward teenager. 

However, everyone in his household is also a vicious killer. In the tradition of the infamous Bender clan of the late 1800s, the Cultry Family preys on travelers and everyone has a role to play in the real family business.

After springing their trap on a group of vacationers, the Cultry family discovers that one of their intended victims may have the potential to become one of their own.

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Olympus Film Festival (March 2019) 
Winner - Best Horror Screenplay

Hollywood Screenplay Contest (Oct 2018)
Gold Award Horror Winner

Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition (April 2017)
Winner - First Place
Winner - Best Horror/Thriller

Cannes Screenplay Competition (April 2017)
Horror Screenplay Finalist 

Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival (May 2017)
Screenplay Finalist

The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (August 2018)
Official Selection

Sunset Film Festival (June 2018)
Official Selection

Feel The Reel Screenplay Contest  (Jan 2017)
Screenplay Finalist

Bucharest Shortcut CineFest (June 2016)
Screenplay Finalist

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