Created for a Stuck At Home 48 Hour Film Challenge.  May 22-24, 2020. The team was challenged to create sound effects, so we did something a little different than our standard fare.

The pets of the cast members of Rogue Chimera Film's 48-hour team discover that having their humans under  Stay-at-Home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic isn't as fun as they thought it would be.


LD Blevins
Walter Combee
Pete Cloutier
Lowrie Fawley
Bob Glazier
Mel Heflin
Virginia Jasper
Dustin Muller
Michael Murphy
Sandra Nye
Garith Pettibone (Voice)
Tyler Shifflett
Darren Wallach


Bellatrix the cat
Bonnie the goldfish
Captain Jack the parrot
Chava the dog
Hades the cat
Hatchet the cat
Herbie the cat
Hobbes the cat 
Gus the cat
Mi-Ho the betta fish
Penny the cat
Roxie the dog
Snow White the bird
ZZ the cat


Producer - Lowrie Fawley
Writer/Director - Shiva Rodriguez
Additional Photography - Joseph Fawley
Music by Kevin MacLeod (


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